Frequently Asked Questions

ShootLog is a solution respecting federations and authorities. ShootLog was designed in collaboration with the world of actors shooting in Belgium (the shooters, shooting ranges, different authorities, sport federations and the SPF Justice)

ShootLog is a flexible solution and our team remains attentive to the different demands in order to improve the product. If your application is consistent and can give added value to the solution, we will integrate this application to the product for free. On the other hand if it is a very specific application, we will analyze and evaluate the required number of hours of development .

Yes, you can block ShootLog a member that is in default of contribution, or of good conduct certification renewal , and for the medical certificate. You might well decide to block the members that are not in order, starting February 15 for example. In the administration interface you can enable this restriction whenever you want.

Yes, ShootLog easy to create cards for guests shooters.

Yes, ShootLog consists of a touchscreen console dedicated to identifying shooters members, but you need a computer to access the administration interface. Our team can assist you in these efforts.

It is highly recommended to have internet access to take advantage of the many advantages offered by our formula 'Cloud ' . This formula offers the possibility to access the remote management interface ( in your example), but also make you enjoy an additional backup to our server.

Yes, and we import your old data in ShootLog for you.

No problem in the administration interface you specify the opening hours of your stand and the interface identifier of the shooters will be accessible within your opening hours.

Lets discuss this together, contact us for a demonstration and we will go around the question .

Your data is stored in multiple locations , plus you have the ability to manage yourself the backups of the database. Everything is set up to never lose data.

Yes, we offer this service under certain conditions . Contact us and discuss it..

Our technicien will come on site in case of failure, among time you can use a backup paper record , the data will then be introduced by us in the ShootLog database by our technician.